ThreeA Dead Cosmonaut Golovorez 3A Adventure Kartel


ThreeA ADVENTURE KARTEL-Dead Cosmonaut Golovorez

This is an impressive figure! ADVENTURE KARTEL-Dead Cosmonaut Golovorez orange retail edition from ThreeA stand 12 inches tall and features a ton of articulation.  A new space suit and an interior helmet light to cast an eery glow on the figure's face.  The figure receives the standard amazing ThreeA paint and sewing that is unrivaled.

  • Figure is 1/6th scale and stands approximately 32 cm (12.5″) in height, when fully suited up.
  • Outer space suit and space helmet are removable.
  • Figure wears a zip-up under-suit beneath the main space suit.
  • Each Dead Astronaut Gangsta features an Illuminated LED Helmet with tinted, slide down front visor.
  • Comes with a two-tone communications head cap (aka ‘snoopy cap’) that is worn underneath the main helmet.
  • 2 Pistols and corresponding holsters are included with each figure.
  • Also features 3 hoses that connect to the front control panel, backpack and oxygen tank


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