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ThreeZero Brings Robocop to life! September 24 2014

  With ThreeZero's continued innovation in 1/6 scale toy lines, we're always excited to see where they'll go next.  Check out the flip open accessory on Murphy.  Not to mention he light up eyes.  Check out full details here ThreeZero Robocop


TRANSFORMERS 30TH ANNIVERSARY JETFIRE LEADER CLASS ACTION FIGURE Yes we love robots here at LA.  When we heard about Jetfire being rereleased we grabbed a couple because let's face it, Jetfire followed by Devastator and Omega Supreme are my all time favorite transformers.  This new edition is incredible.  Hasbro's 30th Anniversary edition is sure to make you covet this figure in your collection.

ThreeA Threezero Announces Matrix APU Armored Personnel Unit July 24 2014

Threezero announces new licensing deal with Warner Brothers to produce matrix figures including what could easily be the toy of the year when released the armored personnel unit APU.  This figure is will be incredible in the hands of Threezero veterans!  We can't wait!

3A will be doing DC Universe Robots based on the Justice League!! July 24 2014

Posted on the ThreeA Site: "3A is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Entertainment. The Greatest DC Comics Super Heroes as you’ve never seen them before! Ashley Wood has envisioned a new universe where the villains have won. The rebirth contingency plan is initiated – Steel Age. Robotic versions of the fallen heroes are forged. Constructed to wage war on crime. A new League...

Coarse Toys and Amanda Visell jaw dropping figure June 30 2014

    Coarse dedicates their existence to perfected crafted, painted and packaged toys. In this new collaboration with Amanda Visell we see a beautiful intersection of two styles. Amanda's highly stylized exquisite paint work with Coarse's smooth surfaces is sure to be nominated for toy of the year. This is my must have toy for 2014.

Lost Planet 2 Drio figure ThreeA March 24 2014

GTF-11 Drio from ThreeA and Lost Planet 2  This fully articulated Drio stands approximately 15.5" H and boasts incredibly detailed mechanical parts, including over 100 articulated parts to fully recreate its look from the Capcom video game! Detailing includes full decal and realistic, "weathered" paint application; a turntable with both side Gatling guns; a front shield that opens to reveal a highly detailed cockpit; real fabric utility pouches on both...

ThreeA Killzone Hazmat Figure February 08 2014

    1/6 KillZone figure - Hazmat Trooper Figure stands ~12.5 inches (31cm) tall. Fully possible action body inside. Incredibly detailed costume with both fabric, PVC and plastic material. Realistic soft rubber hose, cable & metal spring throughout the figure. Detailed clothing with pouches. Lights up eyes. 2 X AG1 button cell batteries (batteries are not included) Interchangeable hands for holding gun Sta-5X Arc Cannon with 4 movable pistons when...

ThreeA Iron Man is coming! February 08 2014

With ThreeA taking on the Marvel Universe, these 1/6 scale Iron Man figures will be something special.  Ashley Wood is re-imagining the Marvel universe as only he can.  The 1/6 scale ThreeA Iron Man will feature the industries best paint and articulation and come in special packaging. ThreeA's Iron Man will come in four color ways, Classic, Silver Centurian, Stark Industries Prototype and the Stealth! Prototype is 3AA only as a...

ThreeA Dead Cosmonaut Golovorez 3A Adventure Kartel January 05 2014

  ThreeA ADVENTURE KARTEL-Dead Cosmonaut Golovorez This is an impressive figure! ADVENTURE KARTEL-Dead Cosmonaut Golovorez orange retail edition from ThreeA stand 12 inches tall and features a ton of articulation.  A new space suit and an interior helmet light to cast an eery glow on the figure's face.  The figure receives the standard amazing ThreeA paint and sewing that is unrivaled. Figure is 1/6th scale and stands approximately 32 cm...

Coarse Locks Pain edition January 05 2014

Coarse Locks Pain Edition

The 11'' Locks vinyl figure comes with 5 blood puddles in different sizes securely embedded in black sponge packed in a colour-printed gift box. The edition is limited to 300 pieces.

Target Bear Black and Gold colorway by Luke Chueh April 28 2013

Target Black and Gold by Luke Chueh and Munky King is an incredible release from the master toysmith.  This edition is limited to 500 pieces worldwide.  Not only has the bear color changed, but the scenery behind him is also recolored. These are just arriving in the shop so grab them while you can.

Coarse Toys release Fever and Omen Nightfall Signature Set February 27 2013

  Limited to 234 pcs The signature set includes one 14'' fever, one 7'' omen and one golden c-o-a-r-s-e die. The figures come securely embedded in black sponge packed in a colour-printed gift box.

Coarse Toys Release Omen Daybreak 7 inch figure February 27 2013

  Coarse Toys release Omen Limited to 345 pcs This 7'' omen comes securely embedded in black sponge packed in a colour-printed gift box.

Save 22% today 10-29 October 29 2012

Use code "pumpkin" to save 22% off everything in the shop today!!!

Homer Buddha by Kidrobot September 6th August 27 2012

  Homer Buddha in 7-inch vinyl by Kidrobot Mmmmm.  Enlightenment. Long ears signify past wealth, a big head represents the disconnection between mind and body, a tuft of hair symbolizes great inner wisdom, and a giant fried dough topped with pink frosting and rainbow jimmies equals deliciousness. With a pretzel in one hand, and beads in another, Homer passes down the oral tradition of donut eating. From THE SIMPSONS and...

ThreeA shows Krote Ma.K. Kow Yokoyama Paint details! July 24 2012


Coarse Toys Annouces the Rise of Pain in Dreams June 01 2012

You can never say enough about Coarse.  While as a collector I may be impatient for new releases, I cannot deny the absolute perfection and detail that make the wait worth it every time.  From the Coarse site: dreaming "Drifting to the edge of awakening, I open my eyes. Almost instantly, my past pains dissolve into a beautiful nothing. The ringing in my ears fades to a low drone. My...

Kidrobot Wooden Bender Futurama May 25 2012

  from the KR Blog "Obsoletely fabulous. Futurama’s Wooden Bender 6-inch vinyl figure is here and officially downgraded! Complete with removable red woodpecker and “technology-free” stumpy head and body, Wooden Bender is 6 inches tall and designed with the Kidrobot aesthetic twist, making this primitive vinyl ‘bot feisty and termite-free. Wooden Bender wages his war on technology for $50 US, beginning June 7" We personally can't wait as Bender is...

ThreeA shows new Ma.K Krote from Maschinen Krieger Universe April 27 2012

    Wow 2012-2013 is the year that ThreeA shoulders through the toy world creating some of the most intricate scale pieces with moving parts ever.  We're crazy excited at the pharmacy to see paint hit these Ma.K Krote from Maschinen Krieger prototypes!

ThreeA shows Portal Prototypes at ReVenture Hong Kong April 27 2012

   It's a great time to be a ThreeA collector!  Check out these new prototypes from the Portal game.   Check out the incredible amount of hydraulics to move these guys around. 

ThreeA shows Halo 1/6 protoype April 27 2012

  This amazing ThreeA take on the Halo franchise is sure to make Master Sarge proud!  It is a 1/6 scale figure with all the detail and paint work you've come to love from ThreeA.  From "Commander Carter-A259 was a SPARTAN-III commando of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command, attached to the UNSC Army's Special Warfare Group Three.[3][4] Carter was the leader of Noble Team, an elite team of...

Adventure Kartel Has Begun Shipping! April 04 2012

Our first batch has been boxed up and is heading out the door today and tomorrow.  Our second allotment is still on its way and should be arriving within the next week or two.

Look what just showed up! March 23 2012


Coarse Toys Raw Paw! edition Releases March 26th February 29 2012

Great news for Coarse collectors,  The Raw Paw! edition will be up for sale March 26th!  Another incredible release from Coarse Toys heading to the US in less than month. 

ThreeA Adventure Kartel delayed but not for much longer :) February 14 2012

We knew the AK retailer assortment was a big undertaking as it was the largest offering at one time for retailers to date. The figures saw some delays due to packaging issues which pushed them to after Chinese New Year. But for fans of ThreeA it's always worth the wait, especially since this marks a new look for the packaging of the figures recalling 60's poster art.

Coarse announces Casting Shadows Pain signature edition December 15 2011

casting shadows pain — signature edition   With blood drowning out the noop’s mouth, and his falling paw! kite stained with spatter. The tiny tentacle feet of nism are stepping into a puddle of blood. The ill-fated pair comes sheltered in soft black sponge, and packaged in a smooth matte-black box. Sheathed in a casting shadows sleeve complete with interactive pop ups – a nism teeth shield "love ends" and...

Coarse Raw Paw the Pristine White Version December 02 2011

    The 12'' raw paw! comes painted in untouched white. Raw Paw! from Coarse Life is cushioned in black sponge and packed securely in a carton box. Raw Paw! from Coarse Toys is covered in heavy art drawing paper, printed in light grey tones. On the outside, they resemble a fluid physicality, effortlessly connected to their surroundings. Meanwhile, inside a destructive nothingness stirs, waiting for the perfect moment to escape their...

ThreeA WWRp Heavy Brambles Gravedigger Deimos Liberator National Guard October 28 2011

Are now up for Pre-order!  Get'em while you can!

Popbots and Badbots have left Hong Kong! December 18 2010

  They are currently in transit to us.  I don't think they will arrive before christmas as they have to pass through customs, but look for them to be arriving at your doorstep in early January 2011!

Super7 toys and apparel in 2011 December 18 2010

Great news!  We'll be offering super7 T-shirts and toys starting next year.  Vampire Rose, Mummy Gators and more!  Their tees are really cool and have a lot of great designs to choose from.  

ThreeA Large Martin WWRp retailer single packs November 27 2010

These are so awesome!  Get the whole set or fill in the ones you missed from bamabland 3 packs! 3A Large Martin

Jeff Soto the Seeker Blue Colorway November 27 2010

We have a few coming in so check it out before they're gone. Jeff Soto's the Seeker 11-inch

Godfather from Mindstyle now in Stock! October 12 2010

Wow these Godfather figures from Mindstyle and Michael Lau are so awesome!  Great packaging with foam inserts in the shape of the godfather logo and exquisite paint details. We don't have a lot of these in stock so don't sleep on this Mindstyle release,   See More Designer Vinyl Toys

Heavy Bramble Release from ThreeA August 12 2010

ThreeA released the Heavy bramble in four colorways last night.  Deimos, Grave Digger, Bromwich and JEA all came with a 20 inch rocket launcher!!!!  One surprise release was dropped late in the wee hours.  Congrats to all who snagged one!

ThreeA Collector's Club August 10 2010

  Coming soon the official 3A Collector's Club Membership.  The purchase of any ThreeA toy automatically enters you into the club which will give out monthly discount codes and early bird buying window for new releases! Stay Tuned...

And the winner is..... October 15 2009

Kire! with a vote of 6-4 a narrow margin victory with two great customs! Thanks to both for taking the time to craft some great muggs!

Mandalorian Voting closes Oct 15th! October 09 2009

Alright we’ve got some good responses let’s keep them coming and we’ll tally everything up and announce the winner on the 15th!

Entry From Kire Von Banhammer September 30 2009

A great looking custom Boba Fett and the rifle that that should have come with the original! We love the rifle! Artist: Kire Lestat MMF name: Kire von Banhammer Features sculpted armor, belt, gauntlets, shoulder pads, knee pads cape. Custom wrist blaster accessory Custom rifle accessory Custom Thermal Detonator attatched to belt Real hair wookie braid Custom range finder antenna

Entry from MattCanDraw September 29 2009

Check out this AWESOME custom! MattCanDraw says that both the jetpack and gun are 100% hand made out of plastic and are both removable from the figure. Great Attention to detail and to be honest we might need to keep this for our own Mugg collection…

New Contest is... Make a Mandalorian! July 14 2009

Customize a Mandolorian! Create your favorite Mandalorian check out for details on who Mandalorians are and famous characters. All entries must be in by September 30th. Winner gets $50.00 gift code for the shop not redeemable for cash. What characters can be created? Mandalorians example Boba Fett, Mandalore, Jaster Mereel etc. How long do I have to do this? email must be dated on or before August 30th with...

And the Winner is Hydra Agent! March 20 2009

Thanks Adam! We’ll be sending you an email with the details.

Hydra Agent by Adam G, Click to Comment March 10 2009

Adam used a G.I. Joe Duke Mugg to create it.

First Entry! Click to Comment March 02 2009

Submitted by Stardom from Sunday 3/1

Custom Contest! Click Me To Comment February 19 2009

From now until March 20th we will hold our first customs contest. The best custom Winner will receive one new blank white Mugg and a $30 Gift code to Updated Rules: Any mugg can be entered regardless of purchase origin. What characters can be created? Any. How long do I have to do this? email must be dated on or before Midnight March 20th with your pic of the...
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