MILKY BOT Industrial Dairy Bot from ThreeA


MILKY BOT Industrial Dairy Bot from ThreeA

Beaver Industries is a futuristic Lumberjack World. Perching on the gritty unflinching shoulders of our heroine Sawyer, as she introduces us to her work colleagues, grueling tasks, and daily routine in a brand new universe laden with corrupt corporate bastards, pissed-off-underpaid Lumberfolk, and the darn strange...!

Our first release is MILKY BOT, friend of Sawyer, our main bio-cell aka the lead character!

MILKY BOT is an old industrial Dairy Bot! (The robots are fueled on Milk) It's unknown where the milk has been obtained...but Milky and Sawyer know!


One Sixth Scale Collectible Figure designed by Crystal-Jade Vaughan

-          Deluxe robot collectible

-          Approximately 13.5inches (34.29cm) tall

-          Features over 30 points of articulation including articulated fingers

-          Accessories include: Mi-K Gun, Calcium chemistry jars, Milk Tank

-          Collector display stand


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