ThreeA shows Portal Prototypes at ReVenture Hong Kong


It's a great time to be a ThreeA collector!  Check out these new prototypes from the Portal game.   Check out the incredible amount of hydraulics to move these guys around. 

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My favorites:1. Transformers More than meets the eye! (I still have all my oinrgial Transformers and their boxes or card backs.)2. Lazer Tag The game that moves at the speed of light. (I still have my Lazer Tag gun plus my younger brother’s Lazer Tag rifle!)3. Othello A minute to learn…a lifetime to master. (I still have my oinrgial one and a travel one I bought at Montgomery Ward in Topeka, KS)4. Boggle (I still have it!)5. Nerf (I had Nerf Golf, Nerf Football, Nerf Baseball, Nerf Basketball, etc. You name it, if Nerf made it I probably owned it.)6. LEGO (I gave my old LEGO toys to my brother but I’ve bought newer ones since.)7. Star Wars (I still have all my oinrgial figures and vehicles from all three films.)8. Micro Machines (I don’t have all the ones I bought because I let other kids play with them and they stole some of them from me.)9. M.A.S.K. (I don’t believe I have them anymore.)10. Voltron (Whew! I don’t know what became of him.)11. Air Raiders (I gave virtually all of them away to a couple of boys I knew.)12. G.I. Joe A Real American Hero! (I have a Snake-Eyes figure still, but that’s about it.)13. Battle Beasts Fire burns Wood! Wood floats on Water! Water puts out Fire! (My brother has em, I think.)14. Visionaries (My brother had them; I don’t know what he did with them.)15. Robotech (I think my brother took the one figure I had.)16. Dino-Riders Harness the Power of Dinosaurs. (I don’t know what became of them.)17. Simon (I don’t know what happened to it.)


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