Super7 toys and apparel in 2011

Great news!  We'll be offering super7 T-shirts and toys starting next year.  Vampire Rose, Mummy Gators and more!  Their tees are really cool and have a lot of great designs to choose from.  

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Im not sure what is harder to beveile, how important Sham is suppose to be or how long she was in development . Yes, she’s ok but, all that time and importance gets you ok ? WTF?! This is not the stuff that 3A should be proud of, because minus style/character design this is product execution that could have come from ANY toy manufacturer. Where is the 3A level of excellence? Or is is the bottom line that 3A is only good at making dirty toys with a bunch of fucking pouches? AW needs to reconsider who he insults when this has been released as one of his major characters that took years to develop. sigh


18" iron man is indeed a mixed bag. he’s asomewe, but he is not an easy figure to keep standing, and his paint scrapes off way too easily. much like the neca predator 18" figures: great detail and paint, hard to keep upright, netting that rips apart if you look at it funny.neca has indicated they’ll be releasing 18" figure stands come september, which i will be all over. i also plan on dialing back my 18" buys, although the predator elder is going to be a tough one to resist.


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