Entry From Kire Von Banhammer

A great looking custom Boba Fett and the rifle that that should have come with the original! We love the rifle!

Artist: Kire Lestat

MMF name: Kire von Banhammer

Features sculpted armor, belt, gauntlets, shoulder pads, knee pads cape.
Custom wrist blaster accessory
Custom rifle accessory
Custom Thermal Detonator attatched to belt
Real hair wookie braid
Custom range finder antenna

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+1 for Kire von Banhammer


+1 for Kire’s Boba Fett… Love this custom. Paint application and the aged look are awesome as well as the accessories. We keep looking at it!

Matt yours was Great too! You both did an amazing job on these customs!


+1 for Boba by Kire, I"m a huge fan of Boba and the insane paint detail of battle scars truly reflect his character as a bounty hunter. Matt made this contest truly hard to choose.


both of these are awesome, but the detail on Kire’s in ridiculous.



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