Crusty Dunny 3-Inch Vinyl Toy by Frank Kozik and Kidrobot


Crusty Dunny 3-Inch by Frank Kozik and Kidrobot 

With a cigarette, carrot nose, two eyes made out of coal, (and maybe a LOT of yellow snow), Crusty Dunny is sure to get you smorkin' for this snowy season.

This 3-inch vinyl heathen is getting into the spirit with a top hat, carrot nose, booze bottle, and cigarette. And, given the changes in the world, it is no wonder that this Dunny has a Chase that is disappearing fast... a hapless victim of global warmings.

1 in 6 has suffered at the hands of the CCC (Climate Change Conspiracy), with a vinyl puddle for a body and x's for eyes.

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