Brom's Stickmen-Series 1-Set B (Guru and Pumpkin) by Mindstyle

$22.99 $99.99

Brom's Stickmen-Series 1-Set B (Guru and Pumpkin) from Mindstyle

Based on characters from Brom's novel "The Plucker." Girl is 11.5" tall and Alien is 5.5" tall. Limited to 1000 units.

These are a Warehouse find.  These originally retailed for $100.00.  These boxes show some medium signs of wear, veining, shelf wear rubbing etc.  Figures are still in new condition and make a great addition to any displayed collection of vinyl toys. AS always Mindstyle puts incredible depth and paintwork to their figures.  Great chance to own these hard to find pieces.


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