Beacher 1/6 scale figure from PRTS NKNWN


Beacher 1/6 scale figure from PRTS NKNWN

The first figure from PRTS NKNWN (Ports Unknown) is a 1/6 scale figure with squid ripper blade accessory. PRTS NKNWN takes place in a world that is under siege from parasitic squids who have left the ocean to attack humanity. Beachers are the toughest soldiers fighting on the front line of every shore dedicated to repelling back the horde. These figures are handmade and and hand painted.  The hands feature rare earth magnets that snap to the wrist.  Collectors with pacemakers or other medical devices should be aware that magnets can cause disruption or failure pacemakers and other devices.


  • 1/6 scale 
  • Distressed clothing and paint work
  • Squid Ripper blade accessory
  • Rare Earth magnets at wrist joint

This is a pre-order.  Figures are scheduled to arrive August/September 2015

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