Zog by David Lanham x Strangekiss 7 Inch Vinyl Toy

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Zog by David Lanham x Strangekiss 7 Inch Vinyl Toy 

 Zog by Strangekiss and David Lanham. This purple version, which is based on David Lanham's original Zog character design, is limited to a run of 300 pieces, all numbered on the bottom of the figure's feet (along with a stamped signature).  Zog is made of rotocast vinyl and stands approximately 7" tall (10.5" with his arms extended above his head) by 8.5" wide.  The figure features 2 points of articulation, at the shoulders, and has a bottom jaw that is semi-flexible.  This Zog piece has sculpted bumps on its head, back and arms (maybe a bad case of backne?), as well as sculpted stubble on its chin. 


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