Frank Kozik Mantra Bill by Strangekiss Vinyl Toy


Frank Kozik Mantra Bill by Strangekiss Vinyl Toy

Mantra Bill by Frank Kozik is one of the Alter Egos of Bill the Yeti by David Lanham. Mantra Bill is on a mission but is conflicted with his own beliefs as he must struggle between his duty and the calling of his own inner peace! We just wonder if there is a platoon of Mantra Yetis following in the distance.

A little about Bill the Yeti.

Walking around the forest, woods or any place less traveled while in a constant state of amazement, Bill loves just looking at the ground and counting bugs or climbing trees for better views. People love to stop and take his photo (although sometimes he’s a little shy about it), but Bill prefers the quiet life of discovery and exploration.

Unless one of his multiple personalities takes over… Special Alter Egos by Frank Kozik and MAD original by David Lanham.

8 Inches. Limited to 250 pieces.

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