ThreeA WWRp Heavy Bramble Cydonia DEF Defense 3A


 WWRp Cydonia DEF Defense Heavy Bramble from ThreeA is the tank of Ashley Wood's World War Robot world!.  Figure comes with a 10+ inch rocket launcher and is available in 5 regular colorways: Gravedigger, JEA Marine, African DEF Defense, Deimos Liberator, and Cydonia DEF Defense.  Also for US retailers like us, there is a limited National Guard colorway.  This WWRp Cydonia DEF Defense Heavy Bramble features ThreeA's signature articulation standard and is one of the biggest bots in the 1/12 scale. ThreeA Heavy Brambles Cydonia DEF Defense in the WWRp size still maintain all the detail and amazing paint as their 3A WWR counterparts and have exceptional posability.




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