Real Steel King Midas One Sixth Gold Blooded Killer


ThreeA King Midas from REAL STEEL, King MIdas is a 1/6th fully articulated ( SUPER ARTICULATED ACTUALLY ).

King Midas the Gold Blooded Killer has an incredible paint application and joint movement second to none, with countless moving parts, that faithfully mimic all the articulation from the film version. From pistons to sliding biceps, all the details are there!  This figure stands over 16 inches tall. King MIdas also features illuminated eyes for the low light photo op. ThreeA has spared nothing in making King Midas truly film authentic, they are carrying on the tradition of HYPER attention to detail that they started started with MGS REX, this same care isalso be seen in the new HALO 1/6th line. 


This is a pre-order.  Estimated May/June 2013 Delivery. Product delivery time is estimated and can change at any time. Always email us for a current update

Please be aware with ThreeA pre-orders that they are solely focused on producing the absolute best figures possible.  The arrival date is their best guess and could be extended if they need to resolve a quality issue, but the wait is always worth it as they produce the finest 1/6 figures out there.  Most figures do ship true to their estimates, but if this is your first ThreeA figure we want you to have all the information possible. And as always drop us a line lesavocado (at) for our latest info. 

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