Hood Zomb Pink Feather Adventure Kartel ThreeA 1/6 Scale Figure


Hood Zomb Pink Feather Adventure Kartel ThreeA 3A 

Hood Zomb Pink Feather is an exciting new hooded version of the zombs we've come to know and love.  It features the exclusive retail pink hood colorway and might be nicknamed Pink Feather. This Zomb comes hungry for people and brains and is ready to scare its shelf mates. 3A is known for exceptional attention to detail and maximum posability.  This new Hood Zomb Pink figure does not disappoint and is an exclusive retail colorway.


Please be aware with ThreeA pre-orders that they are solely focused on producing the absolute best figures possible.  The arrival date is their best guess and could be extended if they need to resolve a quality issue, but the wait is always worth it as they produce the finest 1/6 figures out there.  Most figures do ship true to their estimates, but if this is your first ThreeA figure we want you to have all the information possible. And as always drop us a line lesavocado (at) gmail.com for our latest info. 


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